Portfolio Prints: Janet Haigh & Stephen Jacobson

live and work in a house overlooking the Bristol Channel towards the Welsh Hills. Their work is influenced by the constantly changing views within and without the garden wall.

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Stephen Jacobson RWA

Simple images capture my imagination, I paint the everyday scenes and objects that surround us but which we overlook or take for granted. Someone once said of my work that I “was looking for heaven on earth” and I suppose to a large extent they were right; you will see no decay or signs of ageing in my paintings, I am seeking a sense of order and an underlying essence of things. I believe there is a joy to be found in the simplest juxtaposition of the elements that we find in the world. I am disinterested in the use of paint as a personal expression;I try to retain a sense of anonymity and remove any obstruction that may cloud the vision of the viewer.


Janet Haigh

I am a designer-maker, applied artist, researcher, lecturer whatever you want to call me – I stitch stuff by hand: fabric, paper, metal, vitreous enamel, vellum. I am fascinated and stimulated by materials. Stitching by hand, whatever the material, takes time which offers space to reflect and develop ideas. I work within the tradition of stitched textiles be it in historical or contemporary references. I am fascinated by trying to get beneath the surface appearance of things, often using symbols and emblems to hint at what lies beneath. As Oscar Wilde stated “All art is at once surface and symbol.”

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